Powell hut just opened. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.  Powell hut just opened. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Showed others where my van went into a ditch a month ago, the skid marks are still there.



Hosea 11:1 “. . . out of Egypt I called my Son”  Furfilled in Matthew 2:13-15

Well this is my first attempt at posting a blog.  After lookin thru a few others, not sure if I can do a similar job.  But my aim isn’t really to wow you with a fancy website.  What I really want to do is tell you alittle about the Brazil I visited a few months ago.  Have read much on the web & the press that doesn’t put Brazil in a wonderful light, but lets face it, what country is perfect?

The Brazil I read about is all beaches & carnivals with criticisms of the the rich-poor gap & de-rainforestation in the Amazon.

The Brazil I visited was mainly inland in the state of Bahia.  This was far from any tourist areas and beaches, where people just got on with their lives same as anyone would in New Zealand, Aussie, US, UK, or pretty much any other western country.  Their actual environment was different so “getting on with their lives” looked alittle different than in a metropolis with office blocks everywhere.  Also their recent history was also alittle different so that of course colors what they did.  Just like there’s differences between NZ, US & UK.

In the Brazil I visited, inland Bahia, I found the people smiled alot cos they were happy.  Many had simpler lives with less stress than I’m used to, so they had more to smile about, and more time to enjoy what they had.  I would often see people of all ages just sitting around, out front of their homes, next to shops, and in market places.

I just want to qualify the term “simpler lives” in above para.  The people I met were all very intelligent (there are many universities popping up all over Brazil over the last 20 yrs),  able to talk about world politics, economics, medicine, astronomy, geology, theology, etc. with ease and as much understanding as anyone I’ve met in NZ, US,or UK.  Many have computers in their homes with internet access and enjoy modern conveniences like fridges, gas ovens,  & TVs.  But as many Brazilians are still intouch with what its like to grow your own fruit, veges, eggs, etc, so have a balance between the modern and the not so “modern”.  Some have jobs which place restrictions on them, some choose to work only when they need to.

As to plentiousness of jobs, one local said to me, “there is  a combination here [meaning the city we were in] of laziness & lack of jobs, if you want one you can get one, but when you don’t want one and are happy to do without, you can still get by.”

Well, hope that sets the scene abit.  Now I can get on & tell you about the people I met & places I went to.  Will use different names to protect them but original photos.

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